Why The Trio?

There is an apparent gap between what current filters are capable of and what is needed. With a 25 year shelf life and smaller pore size than most filters, the Trio fills the gap.

The Trio is best for camping, emergency preparedness, and hiking.The Trio has many uses such as inline with a hydration reservoir, screwed on top of any standard 28 mm bottle, placed in a wide mouth water bottle, or used as a straw directly from the source.

The Trio is unique in that all the filter elements can be replaced or cleaned. It is recommend that the carbon element be replaced every 12 months when out of the hermetically sealed packaging.

The hollow fiber element can be simply back flushed with clean water or can be replaced. The pre-filter can be replaced as needed and comes with replacements. It is recommend to service the Trio every 1000 liters or 264 gallons.


Help With the VIVA

There are over 750 million people worldwide who don't have access to clean water, this bothered us! So we developed the VIVA. The VIVA is designed as our first effort to end the world water crisis. Although the VIVA can be used by backpackers, campers, and those preparing for emergencies, it is primarily designed for humanitarian use in third-world and developing countries.

We are offering heavily discounted pricing for legitimate non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. If you are a member of a non-profit organization that could benefit from partnering with us please contact us at info@renovowater.com. Please include a brief summary of the organization and contact information.


What Is The Oasis?

The Oasis is a versatile water filtration system that allows consumers to control how clean their water is based on contamination level and activity. The Oasis is not a one trick pony like most filters on the market, it is a system that can adapt for any situation.

The Oasis does not only remove contaminants but can enhance water as a fruit infuser, add minerals, negative ions, or alkaline to enhance the flavor and impact of the water.

Unlike any other water filter, the Oasis has separate modules which can be arranged to adjust to any activity a consumer would engage in. It uses different filtration mediums such as activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane, and Nanolum, that will filter chemicals, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.9999%. Each of the filtration modules can easily be replaced as needed.

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