Lifestraw vs Sawyer Mini vs Renovo Trio

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Some of the most common straw/gravity type water filters include: Lifestraw, Sawyer Mini, and Renovo Trio. Here we will review, explore, and compare the differences in size, technology, utility, and the costs between each.


The Lifestraw water filtration system measures at 9” long which is the longest of the three. This particular filter is built to be used as a straw straight from the water source, such as a pond or river. Given the length of the Lifestraw, it allows the user to avoid having to get too close to the water source.

The Lifestraw utilizes a hollow fiber membrane to filter the water to a rating of .2 microns. This rating removes bacteria and protozoa. It is designed to clog when it reaches 1000 L of filtered water.  The down side of the Lifestraw is once it clogs that is it. The filter can clog fast when used in turbid or dirty water. It is, however, the cheapest option at $21.95.

Sawyer Mini

The Sawyer Mini water filtration system is the smallest of the three, weighing only two ounces. It utilizes a hollow fiber membrane and can be used directly from a water source, similar to the Lifestraw. It can also be used in line with a hydration bladder or even screwed on top of a standard 28mm bottle.

One of the most attractive features of the Sawyer Mini is that is rates in at a large 100,000 gallons. This is achieved  by  back flush the filter at a high pressure with an included syringe. Although the Sawyer Mini is a powerful filter for its size, it is limited to removing  only bacteria and protozoa. It has a filtration rating of .1 microns.  The cost of the Sawyer Mini  is also relatively reasonable at $24.95.

Renovo Trio

Lastly, the Renovo Trio water filtration system measures 7.1” in length and  weighs 3.5 ounces. In terms of longevity, the Renovo Trio filter  is rated at 1000 liters or  250 gallons, similar to the Lifestraw.  What is fundamentally different than the other filters is the Renovo Trio has three filter elements which can each be serviced or replaced.

The first filter element is a pre-filter that removes large particles from the water so the Trio can be used in turbid water unlike the other two.  the second stage is a hollow fiber membrane that has a rating of .05 microns. Like the Sawyer Mini this element can be back flushed with clean water. Or it can be replaced for $12.  The last filter element is a carbon impregnated fiber that removes chemicals and heavy metals while improving the taste of the water.  This element gives the Trio a 1000 liter capacity but it can also be replaced for $10.

Similar to the Sawyer Mini, the Trio can be used in line with a hydration bladder, on top of a bottle, or even directly from the water source. Due to its high efficiency and added technology, the Trio is $44.

The table below shows a comparison of other common filters.



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