MUV3 Nanalum Replacement Water Filter

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The technology used in Nanalum was developed by NASA as a way to reuse waste water on the International Space Station. Nanalum works through electro-absorption and is manufactured with non-woven highly engineered water filter paper which is also impregnated with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). The Nanalum module has a strong positive electrostatic charge when wet. Like a strong magnet, the positive electrostatic charge of the Nanalum attracts and traps organic contaminants.

Nanalum can remove:

  • Viruses (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, Poliovirus, Meningitis, etc)
  • Bacteria (E. Coli, Cholera, Typhoid, etc)
  • Protozoa (Cryptosporidium)
  • Parasites (Giardia)
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Negative taste
  • Filters up to 90 gallons

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    The MUV1 Activated Carbon Filter is awesome!!

    Posted by Joe on Jan 30th 2018

    I have been so excited about the MUV series filters since I first found them online. I use the most popular hollow fiber filter on the market (which I'm convinced will soon be replaced by the MUV2) and like most users of that filter, I soon found out that while it makes water safe to drink, it does nothing for taste or smell which makes the water not so great to drink and even less great to cook with (makes your food taste awful depending on the water).

    I own and have tried both of the other carbon/charcoal filters on the market one of which is really bulky and the other which is barely effective and the MUV1 is far superior. Renovo Water claims that the MUV1 is 10x better than the others and I believe that claim to be true. The absorption rate of contaminants by the MUV1 seems far better in my tests and the flow rate is at least the same if not better.

    I ordered the MUV1 with the pre and out attachments and the inline adapters to use it inline with my hollow fiber filter in my gravity filter system that I normally use when camping and in the same configuration when I use a water bladder for hiking and I have been nothing but impressed. Now that I have tried it, the fact that it is modular comes into play and I can reduce the size of my filter system by adding the MUV2 module and getting rid of my existing popular hollowfiber filter and that order will be coming soon!