We offer a limited warranty against all manufacturing defects. If your product has a defect, please fill out the form to the right, and we will get you a replacement or organize a repair.

We want to be straight with you. We test our filters multiple times before they are shipped to you. Yes, every single filter is tested.

Water filters are consumable products. If your water filter is used and becomes clogged then chances are the filter has reached its life expectancy and is not covered under the warranty. The MUV2 Hollow Fiber filter can be cleaned and backflushed. If this filter becomes clogged, please make sure that you follow our tips to clean this filter on the MUV2 product page.

If you feel your product did not meet the stated specifications, please return it to the place of purchase for warranty. In the event that this is not possible, please submit a warranty claim here. When submitting a claim here, please provide the following required items: your order number, a description of the defect, a photo of the defect, and proof of purchase. This will help us immediately determine if your filter qualifies for a warranty. If your filter does qualify for a warranty, we will send you an email with instructions for sending the filter back to us.

Questions or concerns about your filter or warranty? Just send us a message and we will be straight with you.

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