How much are you spending for your water?

How much are you spending for your water?

Posted by Dan B. on Oct 27th 2015

You drink water every day but just think, how MUCH do you use? The average household in America uses 100 gallons of water per person per day. Does that number surprise you? Everytime you shower brush your teeth shave wash your food wash your dishes get a drink or even wash your car you are using water. You use water all the time so it is easy to see how quickly that 100 gallons can add up. Like almost everything in life water is not free. Just imagine every time you turn on your tap you have money falling out rather than water.

You are always thinking of ways to save money but how much are you spending right now on your water? Well the average American is spending, on the low end, $50 per month just on their house water bill. This of course varies depending on the place you live; there are places in America where it is normal to spend an upward of $150 or more on your monthly water bill. This can result in a yearly water bill of $1800 or more. All that just so you can do the basics in your home.

Your water bill is expensive but is that all the money you spend on water? No. If you are prepared for a natural disaster you probably have giant jugs of water stored in your home or cases of water bottles. If you are going on a hike, playing a sport or just want water on the go you probably use a personal water bottle or like most Americans you use the ever so easy plastic water bottle. America is the largest plastic water bottle consumer in the world. We are responsible for 15% of all the world's consumption of plastic water bottles which means we are disposing of 4 billion plastic water bottles every year. This would explain America's water bottle crisis.

Water bottles cost on average $7.50 per gallon; which is about 2000x what you spend on a gallon of tap water and almost twice the average cost of a gallon of gas. You like all of us have probably complained about the prices of gas rising yet you don't even think about the fact that you are spending twice as much just to drink water on the go.

Alright, you need ways to save money but now you know that you are being ripped off by the water bottle companies and you are having to spend a lot of money on your household water bill. Water is obviously important and you can't live without it so how can you save your hard earned money on such a basic necessity? There are little things you can do every day that we never really think about to save water here are some simple suggestions on how to save water.

  • Check your home's faucets, pipes, toilets, outdoor hoses and sprinklers for leaks.
  • Limit the amount of toilet flushes (if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down)
  • Spend less time in the shower.
  • Don't keep the water running while you are brushing your teeth, shaving washing food in the sink or washing your car.
  • Use your dishwasher. Believe it or not, hand-washing your dishes uses more water than using the dishwasher.
  • Use water-saving shower heads or low-flow faucet aerators.
  • Stop watering your sidewalks and driveways. Adjust your sprinkler heads to just water your lawn.

Another source to save water that isn't as commonly thought of is using a water filter. The reason most people purchase water bottles is because they don't like the taste of their tap water, they think the water in water bottles are a cleaner or they need to take water on the go. The Oasis is not just another water filter it is a modular water filtration system designed to meet everyone's needs. Whether you just want to filter your tap water or you want to drink water on the go the Oasis can do that. The Oasis is small and light so you can take it with you anywhere. It also has genderless interconnects which can attach to most personal water bottles.

Start saving money on water, check your home for ways you can save water and purchase the Oasis so you won't have to buy another plastic water bottle again.